Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Blogtember Day 7

Hello Dolls,

So happy 7th day of Blogtember! And what better way to celebrate then with a little online shopping? Someone restrain me please

This prompt was rather easy for me. The two places I trust most when it comes to online shopping are Topshop and ASOS. Why? Because they have a large range of petite clothing, and being all 5-foot-nothing, its much harder for me to estimate whether it will actually fit me or not. 

I've linked a couple of my most wanted items.

(Topshop Animal Print Coat)

(So Clueless-esque)

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Monday, 9 September 2013

Blogtember Day 5

Hello Dolls,

I'm going to be honest with you, I cheated - or at least I'm about to cheat. Day 5's prompt was to take a personality test, which I have done, planned it all out and left it in the car. Errgghhh (just ignore me turning into an ogre). So I thought that whilst I had already written out Day 6, that I would be a little cheeky and swap the days round. So forgive me, and enjoy!

Monday 9th September,

Describe a distinct moment when your life took a change.

There’s probably a lot of times that my life has changed dramatically, being a bit of a drama queen and all that, but right now, I'm stuck. I look back and everything that once seemed like a big deal has all smoothed over now. Tearful nights and arguements all seem a bit silly now, and defiantly not worth repeating. I've never had life or death situations. In fact the biggest problems I face on a day to day basis are 'is this lipstick to matchy-matchy with this outfit?'. But the one moment that really seemed change everything wasn’t really one “moment” but rather a few months. Have you guys met Ellie?

We met in school, and for the first few years we didn’t take any notice of each other because we had  different friendship groups (our school was completely cliqued). Like most teenage girls, we both fell out with various people in our groups. One thing led to another and we were hanging out in the same group. It must have been our love for shopping that drew us together.

We’ve been best friends for just over 3 years now, and never once can I remember having an argument with her that meant we never talked for a few days, that no one had to take sides and we didn’t demand all our stuff back and delete each other on Facebook. We disagree, yes, and we bicker like an old, married couple, but we never take offense. We just tend to ignore it, everyone is entitle to their own opinions of course. And touch wood it’s going to stay like that.

Suddenly, I wasn't a little tomboy anymore (I know right, ew?), I was girly and I started wearing make-up and enjoyed dressing nicely. So to be annoyingly cheesy, this friendship made me into the girl I am today - the one who blogs about fashion and beauty. 

And Ellie isn’t the only amazing friend I have. I’m lucky to be surrounded by another two amazing friends everyday. Meet Pickle (Catherine) and Emma. My group is so supportive of each other (which defiantly helps when I have to cancel arrangements last minutes for castings – thank you, Chickas!).

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Blogtember Day 3

Thursday 5th September

Happy Blogtember Dolls,

Now, when it really comes down to it, what I love more than anything, more than make-up, fashion or even food, I love quotes. And yes, the cheesier the better. I'm known as Walking Quote Book. I'm that annoying person that tweets inspiring quotes everyday. I can't help it. So when today's prompt was to share some advice that I've always learnt, it really wasn't that difficult. (Cue Pinterest, please).

Growing up, I've always learnt to be polite and have the correct table manners. Always told never to leave one person out (because we all hate that, don't we) or say horrible things to someone. And whilst this advice is all good, the one bit of advice that I take with me wherever was from Dita Von Teese.

As hard as you try. As much as you want to. You just can't make everyone like you. Somebody is always going to dislike the colour of your hair, or be jealous of what you have and they don't, or even just dislike you for no reason at all. It's bound to happen. You shouldn't feel like you have to be besties with everyone. And if you do come across that person who absolutely hates peaches? Leave them to it, you didn't really want to be friends with a bitter old lemon anyway!

Always leaves a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Blogtember Day 2

Happy Blogtember Dolls,

This questions crops up frequently - If I wasn't at College, if I had money in my pocket and the education to take me anywhere I wanted, how would I use it?

'If I could take 3 months out of my current life, no commitments, no problems, what would I be doing?'

For me, it's a tough toss-up. I would love to go out ticking off some of my bucket list (seeing the Northern Lights, swimming with Dolphins, or maybe even building a school in Africa), but as soon as I saw this question, two things immediately jumped out at me.

(Above: An award I won for 'Most Promising Actor' at my old Drama School.)

Performing has always been one of my strongest passions. Singing, Dancing, but mainly Acting. If I could take 3 months out of College, it would be for a major film role. A film where I could star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, or Ryan Gosling (without the weird age gap of course). It wouldn't just be something for me to return to normal life and brag about, but an amazing way to jam my foot in the door and yell "here I am!".

One thing I know for sure, is that drama school isn't for me. I just can't imagine myself there and I don't want to spend all that money on something I might not enjoy. I do currently have an agent, and I go to every casting I possibly can, so fingers crossed! And if I did get that amazing acting job, let's just say that a Chanel bag would be calling my name (as well as a savings account)!

My other choice? How amazing would it be to get an internship in Fashion Buying or Fashion PR?! Oh how I would die to work in any aspect of the Fashion Industry. I would even clean the toilets if it was located in the Dolce & Gabbana HQ!

The internship would be such great experience. The industry is all about connections and the amount of people I could connect with from an opportunity like that is crazy! It might even mean that I had the skills necessary to not need to go to Uni, but use my experience to climb from the bottom upwards!

However, like starring in a feature film, this is too just a dream.

So now you know how I would spend those 3 months, how would you spend yours?

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Blogtember Day 1

Happy Blogtember Dolls,

Today's prompt was 'where you come from'. 

The cool story?

Well, somewhere down the line I was once related to Mr Sarson, who once owned the Sarsons Vinegar company. My great, great, great (maybe another great) Grandma married a man her Father (Mr Sarson) strictly forbid her to marry and disowned her. Leaving me, not quite the heiress.  

But the official story - I come from an amazing family.

(This picture was taken in Portugal, 2011. Since this photo was taken we've had a few additions.)

I searched through endless holiday photo's, christmas photo's, birthday photo's, and I don't think any of them really sum us up more than this one. We're a huge silly family who probably enjoy fancy dress party's a little too much (as you can tell), Christmas is always hectic and we don't always get on, but I wouldn't want to come from anywhere else. We're all here for each other, despite differences and what may have happened. 

Sorry for the soppy post dolls,

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Happy Blogtember!

Hello Dolls,

As a little challenge to help me start posting more frequently on this blog (which seems to be an on-going problem), I've decided to take part in Blogtember who Story of My Life amazingly put together! Find the original post here!

I'll be posting every day, so I hope you lot don't get sick of me! And I hope that maybe a few of you are considering taking part to! It starts tomorrow, so laptops at the ready! 

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo