Monday, 17 February 2014

The Brow Edit

Currently under going some serious eyebrow maintenance,
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Eyebrows. Just what would we be without them? We're a nation obsessed, and rightly so; your brows frame your eyes and are the most identifiable feature on your face. In fact, you probably wouldn't catch me anywhere without having my eyebrow game going on, so heres how I do it:

1. I get my eyebrows waxed every 3-4 weeks to keep them in tip-top shape, but you can maintain them yourself, however I personally recommend getting them professionally shaped once. Here's a useful tutorial if you would like to maintain them yourself.

2. Each morning I fill them in as part of my everyday make-up. Seeing as though I'm lazy as anything at 7 in the morning, doing my eyebrows takes no longer than 3-5 minutes - max. Or you could look into having them tinted. I use Benefit Brow Zings (review here), a Real Techniques spooly brush, a MAC 266 brush, a Ecotools angled eyeliner brush and a cheap clear mascara. Some people like to use eyebrow pencils, but I find they leave brows looking far less natural than using a powder.

I start by brushing my eyebrow hairs down with the spooly brush - this helps for when you outline your brows to find their natural shape. As you can see, I have a small bald patch from a scar on my eyebrow on the right, so I find filling them in makes this less obvious.

Using my Ecotools angled eyeliner brush, I use the wax pigment in my Brow Zings palette and outline the shape of my eyebrows. I start at the very highest point of my brow, and then work inwards from the start of my eyebrow.

Using my MAC 266 brush, I use the brown powder in the palette and use short strokes (to mimic eyebrow hairs) to fill in brows. Again I start at the highest point of my brow, and then work in from the start making sure to follow the direction of the hairs.

Taking the spooly brush again, I brush out any harsh lines and loose powder.

I then take my clear mascara (muuuch cheaper than brow gel) to brush through and set brows.

And thats how I fill in and look after my brows!

Always remember, eyebrows are sisters not twins and do not need to be identical - trust me, trying to get them exactly the same will be the death of you.

K xo

Monday, 10 February 2014

Damsel In Distress

I'm not the whole 'trapped in a tower, guarded by a dragon, waiting for a hot young Prince to come and save them' type Damsel in distress- but I certainly wouldn't say no...

This week, I felt that it would only be appropriate to share with you my little (massive) crush on distressed denim. I actually made these myself out of an old pair of black skinnies that were neglected in the back of my wardrobe, and seeing as they were only going to be thrown out, why not try a little DIY? They turned out exactly how I wanted them and are now a treasured piece in my wardrobe,

<Jeans, Miss Selfridge, Shoes, Dune, Scarf, Urban Outfitters>

Why not test out your upcycling skills?

K xo

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January Favourites

January Favourites (check).

First on my favourites is my chunky gold chain from ASOS which I literally wear with everything, and without fail get called a 'gangster' (oh come on, I'm five foot and ginger). I've also been loving these caged shoes from Dune, which I picked up in the very last of the January sales! I've literally worn them to death already.

In terms of beauty this month, I've been loving a more subtle everyday pin up look - winged out eye liner, red lipstick, glowing skin - so I've been using MAC Russian Red Lipstick, and the L'oreal Superliner Perfect Slim as if they were going out of fashion. Shroom by MAC is something I've also being grabbing as a basic all over shadow a lot, and the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser was a definite no-brainer favourite after my glowing review of it here. Lastly, the Bourjois Java Rice powder has been my favourite discovery of 2014 so far - it's great for illuminating under eye areas, or all over as a translucent powder, and is a great dupe for the hourglass ambient lighting powder.

K xo