Saturday, 14 June 2014

Olivia Burton Big Dial Black and Gold Watch

The best lesson I've learnt in life is compromise, and why I shouldn't.

When I was gifted way back in March, an albeit beautiful watch for 18th by my Auntie, an immediate rush of guilt ran through me. The watch was nice, but it wasn't the right one - would it be rude to send the gift back? The problem is, I'm not one to have something for the sake of it. If I don't love it, I know I won't wear it, and then it would have been a waste of money and I learnt this from the very woman who gave it to me. You see, my Auntie has spent years waiting for Mulberry to bring out a black patent clutch - not too big, not too small, and it has to be Mulberry - now thats dedication. So without taking the slightest bit of offence she returned it and promised me we would find the right watch.

I looked at brands like Daniel Wellington and Kate Spade, but every time I seemed to end up on the Olivia Burton site, pawning over their vintage inspired little beauties. And then finally I relented last week, and brought the 'Big Dial Black and Gold Watch' (£72), after trying it on in store and falling in love. The only compromise made was having to buy the display watch because they were all sold out, but some may call that fate.

The over-sized, rose gold face is uncluttered, simply with only the brand name, roman numerals and 3 hands - no complicated stopwatches and dials that I never really know how to work. The thin leather strap compliments the large face, keeping it feminine and not too chunky or heavy on the wrist. Perfect. It was what I wanted all along.

Meanwhile, my Auntie is still on the hunt, and with no patent clutches due in for next season she seems to be at a lost. At this point, I'm sure I wouldn't have said no to an ordinary Mulberry clutch, but I admire that she isn't looking to throw her money at something she doesn't really want. I took it as a lesson, it isn't only boys you shouldn't settle for, if it's not the perfect shoe, bag or even watch, don't waste your time, or compromise

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