Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back To Black | OOTD

Hello Dolls,

Did you guys know that you can actually have colour in your wardrobe?

I clearly don't. My go to outfits are almost always black, and quite frankly, if I'm not wearing it, I suddenly feel a little self-conscious. Almost as if people actually notice that I'm wearing colour and are going to attack me! I'm not emo, or rocky, but in fact, probably one of the most girly girls you could ever meet! I just find black is both simple and timeless, and most importantly flattering! Fantastic!

Here's a little peek at how I style black,

(Leather Jacket Topshop
Swing Dress ASOS Petite
Boots Found In A Market
Necklace Topshop
Rings ASOS
Bag Zara)

What with that Autumn weather looming, I can seriously see this new dress becoming my staple for next season! It's also currently in the ASOS sale here!

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The "Work" Playlist

Hello Dolls,

This post is a little different to my usual ones, but it's always good to add a little spice, right?

Once College finishes we're all out being busy, heading different directions each day to see friends and family. That doesn't leave an awful lot of stretch for our money. I'm shopping twice as much, which really can't be helping the addiction, and I know I'm not the only one. So in a bid to be able to spend as much as I want to, whilst attempting to save for Paris in October, I relented and got a part-time job.

The hours are horrific. And that is no exaggeration. I wake up at 4.A.M - yes, that is apparently a time, I didn't know that either - leave to start work at 7.A.M and I can finish as late as 5.P.M! I'm not complaining, it's good money and I do get good breaks, but it's completely exhausting and incredibly hard to stay motivated through-out the day. So with the help of this playlist, unlimited tea and a stash of sweets, I seem to make battle my way through!

(P.S They're all linked, so to listen to them just click them!)

 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Better Days
 Paramore - Still Into You
 The 1975 - Chocolate
 The 1975 - Sex
 Paolo Nutini - Loving You
 Paolo Nutini - Jenny Don't Be Hasty
 Paolo Nutini - Last Request
 Paolo Nutini - New Shoes
 Kodaline - Love Like This
 The Neighbourhood - Female Robbery
 Avicii - Wake Me Up
 Tom Odell - Grow Old With Me
 Tom Odell - Hold Me
 Pacific Air - Move
 Jake Bugg - Two Fingers
 Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
 Imagine Dragons - Its Time

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Cheeky Weekend Break

Hello Dolls

Much to my Dads disappointment (and constant refusal), he turned 50 last week. He defiantly didn't want a big party just as much as he didn't want to admit that he was getting old - and it probably didn't help that I hid a dozen balloons in his wardrobe just to rub it in his face! So we took him for a surprise weekend away in London. We went to see The Book Of Mormon, which an absolutely hilarious musical, just don't bring your Grandma. Then went out to Dinner at his favourite restaurant Burger & Lobster, and then stayed overnight at the Savoy. It's safe to say he had a great weekend as he still can't shut up about it!

I just wanted to add that my Dad is such an amazing person, and is so important in our lives. I didn't want this post to come across as boasting, but rather just to let you guys know what I have been up to. My Dad has always worked so hard to ensure that he can treat his family - a bit too hard at times - and I've always appreciated what he's been able to provide for my Brother and I, so it only seemed faired that we returned that favour. The fact he always works so hard means that we don't get to see him that much, he can sometimes leave that house at 4 in the morning and get back at 7 in the evening and my Brother is away studying at Uni. This weekend was a lovely chance to all be together. 

Take a peek at a little bit of our weekend,

(Above: Such a cute gesture from The Savoy staff)

(Above, Don't judge, but it feels so nice to not make a bed)

(FabAb Cocktail, as the name might suggest, yes this was FAB.)

I also took a little OOTD for you guys,

(Heart Blouse, Topshop
Black Jeans, Topshop
Cut-out Boots, Missguided
Watch, Michael Kors)

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Sunday, 11 August 2013

My No7 Makeover Experience

Hello Dolls

Those who know me personally, know that usually when offered a make over I decline politely with 'sorry, I'm far too busy'. Those words almost strike fear into me. The number of times I have come out after someone doing my make-up looking a drag queen, I'd rather just not bother anymore. I'd rather not bother standing in a public bathroom scrubbing half the make-up off, praying that I won't see someone I know and actually, it ruins my day completely.

I know it sounds silly. So when No7 offered me a free make-over, hesitantly, I pulled up my big girls panties and booked myself in. No7 is known for enhancing natural beauty, surely they should be given a chance? And I'm so glad I did. The make-up artist was lovely and we had a right gossip the whole way through. She didn't make me look like a drag queen or treat me as if I wasn't important. She listened to me and what I wanted.

I think that's the problem, people don't listen anymore. They think they know best. Rather than thinking about what the costumer would suit and like, they say what they want, and they do what they want. But, hey, maybe that's a lesson for me, in the future I should be more forceful with what I want.

I took a few pictures of the finished look,


(Because it's better to look ugly on purpose than by accident, right?)

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dolce far niente | OOTD

Hello Dolls,

Before I left for holiday, the heat in England was literally crazy. I spent long days down at the beach with mocktails and blessed the fact that I didn't have college to worry about or work to be doing. I didn't have to wrap up tight and I didn't have to spend any money, perfect?

'Dolce far niente' (The sweetness of doing nothing)

But there's only so much time I can spend doing nothing!

So in a bid to do something a little more fun, I went out fruit picking with my best friend. I had never been before - gasp - so it was something new, cute, and still didn't break the bank. We also put our cooking skills to test with our punnets of fruit, and lets just say that Nigella Lawson won't be losing her job any time soon.

I took a little OOTD for you,

(Glasses: eBay, Cropped Top: Topshop, Pinstripe Shorts: Forever 21, Studded Sandals: Kurt Geiger, Watch: Michael Kors)

(I thought I would end this blog with one of my favourite pictures of the day)

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo