Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fabulous Or Drag-ulous?

I know, I know, leopard print borders on that risky line between fabulous and drag-ulous. Some swear down to never wear the print and well, some swear to wearing the print in every way, shape and form, but really, I believe we can learn a thing or two from the queens that swear by it: they're confident, they couldn't care less what you think of them, and let's be honest, they have more sass than I could ever dream of possessing.

Now I'm not saying I'm out to channel my inner drag queen. I once had an accidental run in with a heavy-handed make-up artist and I can confirm it would never suit me (I still get a shakey feeling when it comes to smokey eyes). I'm just saying, when I wear this skirt, I feel sassy-as-hell. So regardless of whether it leaves me teetering on the edge of over-the-top, I think it's fabulous. 


(Blouse, Bershka, Skirt Topshop, Bag Miss Selfridge, Boots Pull & Bear)

(Too fabulous for you)

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