Friday, 31 January 2014

Goodbye, January

Repelling men since 96'

No, no, I'm so not ready for February. I'm not prepared for the onslaught of Valentines Day, and love-heart overloads. I'm terrified by the crazy amount of PDA lurking around every corner, and absolutely mortified to face the fact that yes, this is indeed my 17th year of being single for it. I generally don't count primary school romances; I block most out of my memory - along with those turkey twizzlers and mash potato scoops. So no sickeningly cheesy, candle-lit picnics by the beach for me - strangely relieved by that thought actually.

Seeing as I know how to make these photo mosaics now, I thought I would share a little bit of my January with you before falling head-over-heels into February (no punintended).

<Right-To-Left> Afternoon Tea at The Berkeley/ Clueless/ The 1975, Brixton/ Shameless Selfie/ Homemade Macaroons/ Naked 3 Palette.

Besides the dreaded V-DAY though, February is looking like an amazing month - bring it on! (little fist pump)

Kay xo

Monday, 27 January 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Review

Hands up if any of you were super excited for the launch of Charlotte Tilbury's own make-up range, and by lucky coincidence was in London on the day of the Selfridges launch anndd got to meet the wonder women herself (my hand's up, if you hadn't guessed).

I didn't actually buy anything at the launch, but I did get to meet Tilbury herself and marvel over the selection of beautiful palettes and lipsticks she had to offer. I found myself with a few favourites that had wound themselves under the tree on Christmas morning - The Sophisticate Palette, and a Lip Lustre in Red Vixen.

First impressions? Absolutely love them. Though the excitement of unwrapping presents really masked the fact that once I tried them out, I was disappointed to the max. Here's why:

The Sophisticate Palette £38

(From left-to-right, Prime, Enhance, Pop, Smoke)

I'm not disappointed with the palette as much as I am the Lip Lustre. The four lovely neutral, matte shades are as pigmented as promised and stay on quite well throughout the day, but I just find the packaging to look a bit cheap and flimsy, and that really is a make-or-break for me. The real problem is, I picked it mainly for the versatility factor that this could be toned down for a day look or I could rock it in the evening too, but I just don't use it at all. Maybe I'll fall in-love with it soon, as it is a gorgeous palette, but until then, £38 seems rather extravagant.

Lip Lustre, Red Vixen £16

Now this product I have serious issues with, for several reasons. 1. The packaging to me seems cheap again, and the gold is already starting to get scratched and smudged - maybe this doesn't bother someone people as much. 2. When first applied its amazingly pigmented and glossy blood red colour, but after a very short while it needs reapplying, and no matter what I do, or how much I line my lips, blot my lipstick and all that, it just does not stay. It's also incredibly sticky and bleeds like crazy. 3. It's expensive.  I already feel cheated out of MAC charging £15 for a lipstick, but at least it's good quality! I've tried better lip lacquers on the high street, sorry Tilbury. 

I am extremely grateful to have received these as presents, please do not get me wrong. This is just an honest opinion and I didn't want to tell you that I loved them and misinform you. I would maybe purchase another of the palettes if I was treating myself as they are good quality colours, but I wouldn't purchase another Lip Lustre.

Please remember to always take reviews with a pinch of salt and read plenty if in doubt - what works for some, doesn't work for others.

Kay xo

Friday, 10 January 2014

OOTD Call Me Magpie

I'm just drawn towards shiny things.

I wanted to introduce you to my new favourites - I bagged these metallic brogues in the Topshop sale on Christmas Eve for only £18. They may not be everyone's taste - I realised after a very sarcastic gym instructor commented on them, 'Oh, I love your shoes' (yeah, very Regina George I'd say). My feet are in absolute tatters from wearing these, and in all honesty they don't go with very much, but come on, whats the fun in being practical?

I like pairing them with just a plain white tee and jeans.

<Shoes, Jeans, Topshop, White Shirt, H&M, Bag, Zara, Necklace, Tiffany & Co.>

Kay xo

Monday, 6 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

I'm going to start by saying that I currently don't use any primers. No face primers, no eye shadow primers, nada. Keeping my make-up on all day has never been a real problem for me, and I believe that if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it. So take this review from a complete primerphobe, and I was shocked with myself too for getting drawn in with the hype. Maybe it's the oh so affordable price, or maybe it's the obbessive-compulsive shopper in me, who knows?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

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Hello, 2014

'New Year, New Me', oh please.

Lets just skip the part where we all pretend that we have magically changed into a better person overnight. The New Year isn't a big switch that you can flip, you should constantly strive to be a more successful and better person. It is however, the perfect chance to wipe the slate clean and give yourself a goal for the upcoming year - something you can look back on in 365 days.