Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Goodbye January

Doesn’t Christmas just seem an age away? The whole of January I suffered from that post-Christmas depression faze, but now February has rolled around, the thought of tinsel makes me want to throw-up (it always kind of does, actually). So goodbye January, and a warm hello to February.

January Favourites

  1. Deliciously Ella Cookbook: Being one of the first Health Foodies I discovered and later being one of the main inspirations to go vegan, there was no doubt Ella’s book would end up in this months favourites. Even though she’s a gluten-free vegan, I firmly believe that these recipes can be loved by herbivores and carnivores alike - that’s a tried and tested fact.
  2. Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick in Red Essential: Any fans of the Nars Lip Pencils should definitely try these out. I’m sure I’ve even advised some customers to go out and buy one of these rather than wait for the Nars ones to come back in stock, but sshh
  3. Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle: Even though we used to burn this candle all day long in the shop, it’s warm spice scents were just so addictive that I couldn’t resist buying one to burn all January long - trying desperately not to believe Christmas was in fact over.
  4. Maybelline Colour 24HR Tattoo in On and on Bronze: This product has always been a favourite of mine and probably always will be. It’s easy to use alone blended across the eye or as a base for a bronze smokey eye that won’t budge. 
  5. thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: ‘The miracle solution to a good night’s sleep’. I love my sleep a bit more that I care to admit and end up grouchy if I get any less than usual, so a couple spritz of this on my pillow has me knocked out all night long. 
  6. Living proof Prime Style Extender: I’m not sure how exactly to state my love for this product, or to the whole brand. This product acts as a primer to help keep styles in for longer, so even on freshly washed hair days, my curls last all day. It works. Quite simply, it works.
January Eats

  1. Chocolate-Courgette Muffins: My family often question what on Earth I’m trying to feed them nowadays, up there with Sweet Potato Brownies, this was one of those wacky recipes that made them question my sanity. “Courgette in muffins, really Kay?” but the courgette was completely undetectable and replaced the use of oils to give the muffins that moist texture that makes them oh-so mouthwatering when warm out of the oven. They were delicious, oil-free, refined sugar-free, vegan and the perfect treat to start the New Year. (You can find the recipe in The Oh She Glows Cookbook).
  2. Breakfast Bowl: Soya yogurt, Rude Health granola, banana and a sprinkling of chia seeds. 
  3. Vegan Salad Bowl: These are a daily occurrence for me. They’re super easy to prep at the beginning of the week and make for a filling and nutritious lunch. To this one I added in some leftover roasted sweet potato.
  4. The Ultimate Vegan All-Day Breakfast: Back in my hometown there is this amazing vegan and organic cafe and I couldn't resist popping in last week. Next time I've got my eyes on the dairy-free cakes! 
How was your January?


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