Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Benefit Brow Zings | Review

Good Evening Dolls,

After that amazingly hot weekend, waking up to heavy rain put a big downer on today, so to cheer me up I decided that I would review one of my favourite new products of the moment. Benefit is a company I love/hate. I absolutely love their Erase Paste, but I really can't stand their Some Kinda Gorgeous foundation or the infamous They're Real mascara, so when I brought Brow Zings I immediately thought I would regret it. Not so much the case!

Originally, I was using a MAC eyebrow pencil which was good, but it lasted about a month or two, and for that price I defiantly wouldn't repurchase. I was on the hunt for something that lasted, but not because I chucked it into the bottom of a box because I hated it so much. I was actually passing through a Benefit counter and started talking to one of the sales women. Maybe it was the fact she complimented my eyebrows that drew me into buying - hey, a compliment goes a long way! - but if her eyebrows were anything to go by, I would have run a mile. I was looking for something to keep my brows looking natural, but bold and defined without looking like a joke. This kit was perfect!

Brow Zings includes a pigmented wax, to shape and define brows, a powder to fill in the brows, 2 mini brushes and a mini pair of tweezers.

This product is so variable, if you prefer natural brows then use less product, and if you want bolder brows, then more product. It comes in 3 different shades, light, medium and dark. The colours are really pigmented, and with a bit of clear mascara, they stay set all day. Its a handy size that can fit into any make-up bag and you don't need to bring extra brushes - so more space for lipstick, yeah?

However, at £23.50, this product is a little expensive. I'm not sure if you can get similar products for cheaper, and as I've only used this for 2-3 weeks, I'm not sure how long it lasts.

If you want bold brows, natural brows, or even a pair of mini tweezers than of course you should buy this. I know the price is a little extravagant, but is it worth it?


And if you really loved your brows...

- Kay xo

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