Sunday, 16 June 2013

Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lipsticks | Review

Maybelline, Colorsensational Vivids Lipsticks, £7.19

(Left-Right, 910 Shocking Coral, 902 Fuchsia Flash) 
(902 Fuchsia Flash)
(Left-Right, 910 Shocking Coral, 902 Fuchsia Flash)

First thing I have to say about these products? Wow. I could leave it at that really, but that wouldn’t make for a good review now, would it? These are bold, almost electric colours that are absolutely perfect for this Summer. In fact, the pictures don't even give the colours justice. If like me, you tend to wear a lot of dark colours, I find that a swipe of this across my lips just adds that pop that separates you from bordering on gothic. They have such a creamy consistency that makes it like heaven to apply. And the best thing? The colour lasts, like for a long time!

In the UK, these Lipsticks retail for £7.19. I have 2 in the collection, and I am defiantly interested in buying more. I like a statement, whether it be from red to bright pink, and usually I turn to MAC for these kinds of lipstick – heck, in general most of my lipsticks are from MAC. I happened to just pass these by coincidence and picked up a colour whilst Boots had a ‘buy one get one half price‘ deal. Am I pleased? Yes. I brought Shocking Coral (910) which is a bold pink/coral colour that turned out more orange on camera than intended, and also Fuchsia Flash (902), my personal favourite that is more of a purple/pink colour.


They have a lasting finish. Perfect for summer. Almost half the price of MAC. And 902 is an almost exact dupe for ‘Candy Yum Yum’.

Downsides, (Because even the most perfect products must have some…)
Packaging. I find it cheap and tacky looking, it reminds me of products I used to get in magazines when I was 11. Reapplying. I find it a problem with a few lipsticks, when you go to reapply old product has dried and it starts to peal off when you apply a new layer. Eek!

Overall though, these are two of the best Lipsticks I've purchased this year and I know I will get a lot of use out of these. Especially for dull college days! So if you're looking for a statement this summer, why not try these for a change.

Until next time,

Kay xo 

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