Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Cheeky Weekend Break

Hello Dolls

Much to my Dads disappointment (and constant refusal), he turned 50 last week. He defiantly didn't want a big party just as much as he didn't want to admit that he was getting old - and it probably didn't help that I hid a dozen balloons in his wardrobe just to rub it in his face! So we took him for a surprise weekend away in London. We went to see The Book Of Mormon, which an absolutely hilarious musical, just don't bring your Grandma. Then went out to Dinner at his favourite restaurant Burger & Lobster, and then stayed overnight at the Savoy. It's safe to say he had a great weekend as he still can't shut up about it!

I just wanted to add that my Dad is such an amazing person, and is so important in our lives. I didn't want this post to come across as boasting, but rather just to let you guys know what I have been up to. My Dad has always worked so hard to ensure that he can treat his family - a bit too hard at times - and I've always appreciated what he's been able to provide for my Brother and I, so it only seemed faired that we returned that favour. The fact he always works so hard means that we don't get to see him that much, he can sometimes leave that house at 4 in the morning and get back at 7 in the evening and my Brother is away studying at Uni. This weekend was a lovely chance to all be together. 

Take a peek at a little bit of our weekend,

(Above: Such a cute gesture from The Savoy staff)

(Above, Don't judge, but it feels so nice to not make a bed)

(FabAb Cocktail, as the name might suggest, yes this was FAB.)

I also took a little OOTD for you guys,

(Heart Blouse, Topshop
Black Jeans, Topshop
Cut-out Boots, Missguided
Watch, Michael Kors)

Always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, Kay xo


  1. hello, love your blog. I love your outfit, it looks great! Please could you check out my blog and follow, it would mean alot, i have just started up my blog:) thankyou, rowan x:)

    1. Thank you sweetie! Of course I will :) xo

  2. Beautiful photos. The room is gorgeous and that outfit is super lovely.

    Lindsey. x