Saturday, 2 November 2013

New Kicks

And yes, I'm rocking them.

For months and months I have been telling myself that I need to buy new running shoes, even my physiotherapist was telling me I need to! And yet, every time payday came around, so did a new skirt or dress. I was getting to a point where I couldn't finish my workout because I was in pain, I was even waking up to sharp pains in my legs - so finally I gave in (shin splints, you little bugger). 

I went for a pair of Nike Free Run 2's. They were £50, and I managed to sneak them from the children's section! They are designed to give you all the range of motion possible, whilst still cushioning your feet on hard surfaces, almost as if you were running barefoot. I went for the grey colour as I wanted them to go with everything. Oh if only I had an extensive, unnecessary gym wardrobe. Nike does suggest that you get used to these shoes gradually as you're muscles are demanded to do a little work than usual.

(My new favourite blog, The Skinny Confidential in the backgound there).

What kicks do you rock in the gym?

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  1. I got myself some snazzy new Nikes recently too... although so far I've used them for one personal training session and that's about it. They're sitting pretty in the hallway...really must get more use out of them!xx