Monday, 3 March 2014

Goodbye, February

February, with want of a better word, has been fantastic

No seriously, without a hint of sarcasm, February has been a jam-packed, amazing month and it seemed to just fly by. Friends have turned 18, we finally moved house, and I passed my driving test (it was a shock, trust). We finally finished our college production of "Just So!", which was an amazing performance from all of the cast, and seeing as I'm still singing all the songs in the shower, I think I'll admit that I do miss it terribly. This month I've possibly baked and consumed far too much than I should have done, but it's been busy so I'm off the hook, right? Oh, and as per, I dread my bank statement coming through.

(Popart Fancy Dress/Motivational Monday Quote/Valentines Day Jam Pops/Singing Concert/Cast of Just So!/First drive out in Forrest)

With another busy month looming, I'm determined to get back on track with my health and fitness. February has been so busy and exhausting that I let myself give in to temptation too easily. So this means no more chocolate Kathryn, and loonngg hours at the gym working on your shit again. Dare I say it? I actually miss the gym. I like to work to improve myself and have set a goal of running the local 10K in September as something to inspire me.

I'm also determined this month to get my head down and take my education seriously. Now that Uni's have offered me places, everything's becoming so much more real and daunting. 'Damn, I actually need grades to get in'. Maybe this means just spending 5 more minutes on my homework, or just putting 10% more effort into class discussions - anythings possible as long as I put my mind into it.

And lastly in March, without wanting to sound cheesy, I just want to enjoy it. I've realised how quick this year is already going and I don't want to waste it. I need to put down my phone and spend more time outside, with friends and family, pick up my guitar and sing a little more - just do things that make me happy more often.

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