Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Fedora Hat

Usually I can't find a hat small enough to fit my head, but this time, I can't bloody get it off. It's stuck! Well okay, not literally, but I just don't ever want to take it off. It's so easy to pair this with anything and everything. Even with the most basic outfit it wouldn't look out of place - totally perfect for days where you CBA with your hair or make-up, or life.

It was only on a complete whim I asked for it for my birthday, deciding that I needed a Fedora hat in my life, whether or not it fitted. But the hat gods must have been with me and it wasn't just destined for life as a decoration in my room. 

Fedora Hat ASOS, Denim Jacket Noisy May, Bag Urban Outfitters, Jeans Topshop, Boots River Island

Would you rock the Fedora trend?

K xo

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