Monday, 23 June 2014

Personalised Beer Crates

Being the avid pinterest-er I am, every birthday is the perfect excuse to try out the DIY's I've pinned on to my Must-Try board. It's not that I don't like spending money on people, because truth is, I usually spend more money if it's handmade than if I had picked it up in a store. It's that people recognise that there's a lot of thought and time invested in that present, rather than grabbing them the first thing you come across. However, I'm not saying by any means all presents have to be handmade, I personally like to receive lipsticks and underwear more than anyone else. 

For my brother's 21st Birthday, I wanted to get him something out-of-the-ordinary and memorable - no shirts from Topman, or humorous books from Urban Outfitters (that I find incredible amusing) would suffice. But a crate full of beer? Now we're on to a good idea. These are purchasable all over the internet, so if you don't feel so crafty or you're short of time, take a look on eBay and Amazon - prices range from £30 - £40, and they will personalise the crates for you. I think these are perfect because you can fill them with whatever the person would enjoy. For instance, I made one for my friends 18th and filled the crate with wine and cake pops. 

I brought this vintage crate from Sainsbury's (they may still have them in the 25% off section). I used a silver paint pen for this crate, but normal paint works fine as long as you have a steady hand and patience. I do advise stencilling out your numbers and letters first on paper, and if you want to save more time, print out stencil letters and draw around them onto the box. 


(P.S, my Brother loved it).

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