Friday, 13 December 2013

Blogmas #13 101 Reasons To Not Blogmas

And here you have it 101 reasons to not Blogmas. Seriously.

There is probably hundreds of grammatical errors occurring throughout this post, shall we just ignore them?

1. My creative juices have run so low, this is what my posts have succumbed to.
2. I'm totally procrastinating on all my college work to post something everyday.
3. I get so distracted writing and end up on YouTube for hours (how does that even happen?!)
4. I'm currently sat in on a Friday evening trying to catch up.
5. Having to apologise for repeatedly missing Blogmas days.
6. Ending up feeling sorry for myself because I'm not posting everyday.
7. Feeling bad about feeling sorry for myself because I need to get my lazy arse into gear and write.
8. Having looong all day rehearsals, but no, I can't go to bed because of Blogmas.
9. I'm craving coffee real bad.
10. I'm Already wanting to give up.
11. Also want to give up writing this post (let's see how far I can really get).
12. Does anyone even want to read these posts?
13. What idiot decides to think up 101 reasons not to Blogmas?!
14. Me.
15. Who needs sleep when you can be blogging?
16. Who needs food when you can be blogging?
17. Heck, who needs a social life when you can be blogging?
18. Lost my SD card in my room. Crap.
19. Temptation to give up is rising again.
20. I wonder if Beyonce will read this.
21. Facing the truth that Beyonce will never read this.
22. Ideas people.
25. There must be 503629207 other people taking part in Blogmas.
26. Nails currently need a-painting.
27. Congratulating anyone whose made it this far (lets have a round of applause).
28. Urging people never to try this post themselves.
29. Only 72 more reasons to go.
30. Who really has time to blog everyday?
31. Like seriously.
32. I could be doing so many beneficial things with my life.
33. Eating too much.
34. Shopping too much.
35. But no here I am, blogging.
36. I could be rehearsing for my show on Sunday.
37. But no, I'm blogging.
38. I've been in a constant bad mood all week.
39. You know why?
40. Stressing.
41. Not-calming-the-fuck-down like most people.
42. I'm not a violent person, but I totally could have punched someone.
43. Lets change the subject.
44. Blogmas isn't all bad.
45. I've actually posted more in one month than I usually get around to in a year.
46. People have told me they enjoy reading what I write.
47. Apart from my tutor.
48. She seems to undermine all my creativity.
49. Which reminds me of another reason I'm in a bad mood.
50. My tutor hasn't sent of my UCAS application after 2 weeks.
51. Uni's aren't going to want me.
52. I'm going end up working in McDonald's all my life.
53. And then what time will there be to blog?!
54. All she needs to do is complete my reference and then it's off.
55. I can stick to a deadline but she can't?
56. Argghh.
57. I might buy her flowers, sweeten her up a bit.
58. Bribe her with chocolates so she writes a great reference.
59. All the Uni's will want me then.
60. They'll be fighting over me.
61. But back to Blogmas.
62. You need commitment.
63. I start Blogtemeber and boy did I fail big time.
64. I just gave up.
65. I don't want to do that again.
66. As much as this post is a waste of time, I'm going to complete it.
67. P.S we've only got 34 to go.
68. Once you've failed something once, you don't want to do it again.
69. Missed a couple posts?
70. Who cares.
71. Get the Blogmas Police out on me.
72. I'll still be proud to make it to the end of the month and blogged the majority of it.
73. What do you guys want to read about anyway?
74. My day-to-day life?
75. OOTD's?
76. FOTD's?
77. Because that would mean taking selfies.
78. And I'm all up for that.
79. The best part is picking the filter.
80. I can literally go from ugly to supermodel.
81. Boom.
82. All the guys want me then.
83. I'm joking no one wants me.
84. Once Blogmas is done I'm considering buying 20 cats and locking myself in the house.
85. I'm joking.
86. Cats kind of scare me.
87. And imagine how cranky I'd get being locked away indoors.
88. Although maybe Prince Charming will come and save me.
89. Just call me Rapunsel.
90. Scared myself silly with the thought that this might just not save.
91. I don't know what I would do.
92. Cry.
93. Promise to never blog again.
94. Cry a bit more.
95. I couldn't write up 101 reasons to blog again.
96. It would have been crap enough the first time.
97. But luckily it saved.
98. We're so close to publishing.
99. I'm hope you're all wetting you knickers with excitement.
100. Yes. So close.
101. We're done. 101 reasons to not blog (because end up looking like some weird crazy person).

Merry Blogmas

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