Monday, 16 December 2013

Blogmas #16 Deck The Halls

The neighbours weren't expecting a charming rendition of Deck The Halls at 9 this morning. (Que off-key singing: FA LA LA LA LALALALALA).

With a Monday morning off of college, I couldn't think of anything better than putting on a cheesy Christmas film, the Michael Buble album, and decking out the halls with decorations. (Chocolate chip cookies were also a must). Unfortunately, trying to find all of our decorations would be like playing a giant game of jenga seeing as the move left all the boxes piled on top of each other, so until I can get to them, this is as much as I got done.

We still have all the decorations that my brother and I grew up with. Some of them really are in tatters and don't even see the light of day, and yet we just can't throw them out. 

None of these photos are edited as the macbook doesn't have photoshop and I really couldn't be asked to edit them on the other laptop and transfer and all that technological stuff, so I thought this photo was quite cool. Meet our acid trip lights (not sure just how long I'll be able to suffer with them).

I filled up this large lantern with red and gold baubles, fitting with the tartan theme I've planned for this year. We have about 3 of them for Christmas day.

These are two of my favourite decorations on the tree, bar the little Dior star I acquired last year from their Masquerade Ball event. The first is a Mickey Mouse bauble my cousins brought back for us, and the second is a little door with all of our names on, I think it must have been brought back from New York seeing as it has NYC painted on (just a little guess).

Have you decked out you halls yet?

Merry Blogmas 

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