Monday, 9 December 2013

Blogmas #9 The LUSH Haul

You never really do the job right, unless you do it yourself.

As you may have read in Blogmas #3 10 Things to-do this December (if not, read it here), I said I wanted to do a big LUSH Haul. Well that half went to plan. Leaving the mission in the capable hands of my mum, she didn't quite buy as much as I expected, but then I did ask for the whole shop. I'm joking, she didn't actually do half bad, but where on Earth is my Snow Fairy mother?!

 I'll show you what she did pick up.

Candy Mountain (£2.65)

(There just isn't an attractive way to photograph this at all, really)

Magic Wand (£4.95)

(I'm possibly the most excited to use this product.)

Star Light, Star Bright (£3.30)

(There are three reasons I love this product. 1. It contains Shea butter so my skin feels absolutely amazing once I've stepped out of the bath. 2. It's so freaking glittery, my bathroom looked like a disco ball. And 3. It has a blue center that turns your bath water turquoise, I felt like I bathing in the Indian ocean!)

What's your favourite LUSH Christmas products?

Merry Blogmas

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